Rising Wonder: Creatures of Myth & Legend

This collection of short fiction by independent authors of fantasy was edited by Robert Zangari and features stories from the following authors: David A. Trotter, M.H. Woodscourt, Tori Diederich Lundell, Austin Colton, Katie Cherry, Adam Gaffen, Joanna Reeder, A.L. Lorensen, Alyssa P. Kelso, Lichelle Slater, with Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari.

This book will be available soon for purchase.

Introduction & Contents

This book contains a short story by Austin Colton titled Overlord of the Wild, the first adventure in a new series titled The Epic of Khaeth. This sword and sorcery adventure is one of many amazing stories contained in this new anthology.

Rising Wonder: Creatures of Myth & Legend brings together over a dozen marvelous tales from independently published authors who range from veteran USA Today Bestsellers to debut storytellers.

Within these pages you will find unique stories told in a range of styles: from a dieing Elderbeast carrying out the will of a goddess, to the struggles of a unicorn fallen from grace, and a shadow hound of hell charged with an insurmountable task.

An unlikely duo of a human warrior and ancient troll face the threats of the wilds while a Solacer follows threads of magic to save the last of dragonkind.

Other tales include a group of fae intent of freeing a cabyll ushtey, dragons fracture into two halves with their splinter selves living among humans, and a young woman who discovers her lineage is far from human.

Caretakers of dreams, harvest fairies seek to save their realm of the nightmare shortage, a villainous queen is born in a fairytale retelling, and the mythical quilam–the wish horse of Kalda–is confronted once and for all.

Here is the complete list of stories appearing in RISING WONDER:

  • The First Oath
  • The Fallen Unicorn
  • Test of Valor
  • Shadow Hound
  • Overlord of the Wild
  • Split Dragon Heir
  • A Dragon by Starlight
  • Silver Winds and Shadows
  • Shattered Threads
  • Saving Nightmares
  • Heart of a Dragon
  • Denizen of Cirali
  • Beneath the Frozen Wastes