Rising Wonder: Creatures of Myth & Legend

This book contains a short story by Austin Colton titled Overlord of the Wild, the first adventure in a new series titled The Epic of Khaeth. This sword and sorcery adventure is one of many amazing stories contained in this new anthology.

This collection of short fiction by independent authors of fantasy was edited by Robert Zangari and features stories from the following authors: David A. Trotter, M.H. Woodscourt, Tori Diederich Lundell, Austin Colton, Katie Cherry, Adam Gaffen, Joanna Reeder, A.L. Lorensen, Alyssa P. Kelso, Lichelle Slater, with Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari.

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Introduction & Contents

RISING WONDER: Creatures of Myth & Legend brings together over a dozen marvelous tales from independently published authors who range from veteran USA Today Bestsellers to debut storytellers.

Within these pages you will find unique stories told in a range of styles: from a divine Elderbeast carrying out the will of a goddess, to the struggles of a unicorn fallen from grace, and a shadow hound of hell charged with an insurmountable task.

An unlikely duo of a human warrior and ancient troll face the threats of the wilds while a Solacer follows threads of magic to save the last of dragonkind.

Other tales include a group of fae intent on freeing a cabyll ushtey, dragons fracture into two halves with their splinter selves living among humans, and a young woman who discovers her lineage is far from human.

Caretakers of dreams, harvest fairies seek to save their of the nightmare shortage, a villainous queen is born in a fairytale retelling, and the mythical quilam-the wish horse of Kalda-is confronted once and for all.

RISING WONDER aims to showcase diverse and unique voices in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

This anthology includes:

– The First Oath, by David A Trotter

– The Fallen Unicorn, by M.H. Woodscourt

– Test of Valor, by Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

– Shadow Hound, by Tori Diederich Lundell

– Overlord of the Wild, by Austin Colton

– Split Dragon Heir, by Katie Cherry

– A Dragon By Starlight, by Adam Gaffen

– Silver Wings and Shadows, by Joanna Reeder

– Shattered Threads, by A.L. Lorensen

– Saving Nightmares, by Alyssa P. Kelso

– Heart of a Dragon, by Lichelle Slater

– Denizen of Cirali, and Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari

– Beneath the Frozen Wastes. by Dan Zangari & Robert Zangari