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The Ballad of Sorrows Book One

Child of Fire

It was just a job. Kill the monster then collect my payment.

Caden is a killer and he’s exceptionally good at it. As a notorious member of a mercenary guild, he takes on the city’s most dangerous jobs to earn both gold and renown. But when a dangerous monster forces Caden to unleash a secret power, he is dragged into the underground world of rich, power seeking individuals. Will he succeed against the monsters or will he find himself trapped by the evil hiding in the shadows?
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The Art of Austin Colton

Paintings, Photography, and Digital Artwork

Nature is incredibly beautiful, from the animals, the trees, and the mountains, there is a little something for everyone. Living in the state of Utah, Austin has been surrounded by mountains for the larger part of hislife. The weather and mountains here combine provides some of the most incredible sunsets. Along with photographing stunning settings to capture the color and beauty, Austin strive to bring his imagination to life through painting and drawing. Check out the variety of artwork which has been separated into different galleries based on the medium.

The Art Gallery

“He who says they can, and he who says they can’t, are both usually right.”

– Confucius

About Austin Colton:

Fantasy Writer and Artist

A jack of all trades and a master of none, he compulsively takes on far too many projects at once. He has found this a good strategy for curing perpetual boredom and a head stuck in the clouds. Austin lives in Salt Lake City Utah where he writes, paints, explores the mountains, and looks for new stories to enjoy.

About Austin

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