No one sits down and writes a book. You sit down every day you can, and write a few thousand words. When you make that daily effort for weeks to months, you will find that you have written a book.

About Austin

Austin Colton is a fantasy and Thriller/Horror Novelist.

Austin writes for older audiences that are looking for stories that engage readers with intrigue, mystery, epic scope, and the conflicts of the human heart. Although Austin has been writing for the better part of a decade and published his first novel, Child of Fire, in 2021. There is so much more to Austin than his fiction. Learn more about his Art, Video Game development, and other projects. Hopefully you will get inspired to create something spectacular of your own. If Austin hopes to accomplish anything, it would be that. Austin is constantly working on new projects, whether that be a new book, a video game, paintings and artwork, or trying to learn some new skill. Stay up to date with all current projects by following the blog.

Progress Bars

I have always wanted to share my progress with my readers as I work on new projects. Stay up to date on all my new writing projects here.

Ballad of Sorrows Book 2 (Draft 2) 63%
The Terror Veldt (Draft 1) 21%
Graphic Novel (Planning Stage) 41%