About Austin’s Work

Austin Colton is a fantasy and Thriller/Horror Novelist.

Austin writes for older audiences that are looking for stories that engage readers with intrigue, mystery, epic scope, and the conflicts of the human heart. Although Austin has been writing for the better part of a decade, he has yet to traditionally publish any of his works. His completed novels include Ravens Cross, The Terror Veldt, and Secrets of the Spires. While he strives to find the best way to see them published, he has provided sample chapters along with brief introductions to his stories down below.
If you are interested in learning more about Austin’s writing style, a short description can be found at the bottom of the page. For more information on Austin’s journey as a creative writer and artist, click HERE.

Book One of the ValonKesure Chronicle


Caden is a killer and he’s exceptionally good at it. As a notorious member of a mercenary guild, he takes on the city’s most dangerous jobs to earn both gold and renown. But when a dangerous monster forces Caden to unleash a forbidden power, he is dragged deep into the underground world under the guise of fame and fortune. But will he succeed against the monsters lurking in the shadows or will he find himself trapped by the deadly plots being spun by the underground crime-lords?



What do you do when you cant trust your mind?
Insomnia can mess with your mind, make it difficult to function, and disturbs normal life. What if that wasn’t the only thing wrong with you? Morgan doesn’t just live her daily life with insomnia, she suffers from night terrors. When violent and disturbing killings begin to happen in her small collage town, she will find herself trapped between dream and reality, completely incapable of telling the difference.



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About Austin’s Writing:

I have wanted to write my own books since I first learned to read. The magical process that takes place when someone loses themself in a book, gets trapped within the pages, only to reach the end and find the satisfaction of finishing is crippled by the sudden feeling of loss and emptiness. Perhaps it is this emptiness which creates a desire, but perhaps better said hunger, for more.
I’m not going to get into the nitty and gritty of how I learned to write. However, if you are interested and would like to learn more about my early writing experience, click HERE to read more. What I wanted to express is how I found my voice and style in the horror/fantasy genre. Now if this is what truly interested you, please read on. If not, check out my work above, read one of my free chapter samples, and discover for yourself if you like my work. It is my hope that you will, but alas, I begin to digress.
Fantasy is perhaps the lifeblood of my childhood. I was lucky enough to have been just old enough to see the Lord of the Rings movies when they were first released. My obsession with Frodo and the one ring of power sent me on many mythical adventures of my own. Mingled with my love for Star Wars, nature, and running around outside with friends, I found myself in many different lands of make believe.
Horror on the other hand, was about as appealing to me as was licking a toilet seat. I didn’t see the appeal of wanting to terrify oneself and suffer through countless nights with nightmares. As a child, nightmares would terrorize me for weeks if not years, and inducing more of them just seemed strange to me. I still remember a five year old me lying awake at night, horrified by the idea that little black beetles would come and eat me in my sleep. I don’t think I rewatched The Mummy until I was well into my teenage years because of this.
Then something happened which changed how I saw horror. Perhaps it was the movie Coraline, based off the famous novel by Niel Gaiman, or perhaps it was my fascination with classic fairy tales by the Brothers Grimm. Either way, both influenced the change that took place in my mind.
I began to take a liking to the darker stories. The ones where the hero’s had to face terrible monsters, both outside of themselves and within. But the horror which truly captivated me didn’t have to do with monsters and death so much as it had to do with the idea that someone could face their fears and overcome them. This idea is the driving force behind my work.

“…Spent my whole life chasing after dreams, But every dream turns out to be, Just a part of my nightmare…”

Hollywood Undead: Nightmare

As a writer, my goal has always been to force my characters to face off against their inner demons. The African Proverb to the right has always captured this idea perfectly.

I want my characters to defeat the enemy that lives within and by so doing beat the enemies without.
This idea reflects a very real struggle that most of us find ourselves battling every day. When I first read Coraline, the fact that she goes back into danger to save her parents demonstrated what it meant to be brave. Niel Gaiman captured this idea perfectly. It has since been my goal to demonstrate that inner demons and flaws can be defeated or used to defeat outer enemies.
Don’t take any of this the wrong way. The sole intent of my writing has been and will continue to be for the entertainment and not the edification of anyone who reads them. Take what you will from the stories, but perhaps this insite will help you to understand what drives me to write the stories I do, and by understanding this drive, you may find yourself experiencing the story in a new and unique way.
My hope is that if you have found my work, if you find that it engages your interest, that you give it a gander. Read a chapter sample from my new book HERE, and I hope you find the story you’ve been craving.

“If there is no enemy within, the enemy without can do you no harm.” -AFRICAN PROVERB

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