Writers have been known to use notebooks to collect and organize their ideas. Having a place to write down stray thoughts, capture ideas in the moment, and even brainstorm novels or projects is an almost integral part of being a writer.

Not every author agrees on the merits of writing down every stray idea that may pass a writer by. Stephen King once called keeping a notebook in this manner “a great way to immortalize bad ideas.” Perhaps he is right. Hard to discredit one of the most successful authors in the world. But there is an idea that seems to be more powerful presented by author Dean Wesley Smith. “No right way.”

Smith argues in his book Writing into the Dark that there is no right way to write a book. There are ways that have worked for authors, all of them to various degrees of success. But what may work for one creative mind may not work for another. We all create art in different ways, get inspired by different things, and manage our ideas differently.

Just because someone may disagree with the idea of keeping a notebook doesn’t mean that this should dissuade you from using a tool that may be crucial to your success as a writer. Who’s to say that using a writer’s notebook only has to be for ideas. They are great places to make to-do lists, keep track of and plan your schedule, and record useful information for later use.

This brings us to the central topic of this post. What is the best notebook for a writer? Matter of fact, does it even matter?

Simple answer, it doesn’t matter. Any bound collection of papers will do just fine, but you are certainly looking for an optimum solution. Of all the notebooks Austin has had experience using to keep track of his ideas, one above all has become his go to notebook. The Moleskine.

Regardless of what you decide to use your notebook for, here are the reasons you should consider purchasing a Moleskine. (We are not affiliated with or are receiving any kickback for promoting Moleskine. It is simply our brand of choice for recording notes, ideas, etc. while on the go.)

High Quality Cover and Binding

Moleskine notebooks are well bound, sewn and glued together, and wrapped in a durable hard cover. (Softer cover options available)

The fact that the binding is not just glued together ensures that the pages hold together despite prolonged use. This makes a Moleskine notebook optimal for travel and the hard cover will protect the pages from bending and damage that are common problems among cheap spiral bound notebooks.

The cover is also fitted with an elastic band which holds the book closed. Not only does this prevent damage to the pages, but if you are fond of keeping items between the pages, it holds everything together tightly.

The sleek design of the notebook gives it an elegant look without being overly ostentatious.

Book Designs For Specific Needs

Moleskine notebooks come in a variety of sizes and page layouts. If you are looking for blank pages, lined pages, or grid pages, you will be able to find exactly what you want. Among the designs are books designed for keeping track of daily tasks, notes, and more with specifically designed sections to help you manage your info in an organized fashion.

Perhaps the most frustrating part of note taking is keeping things organized. Being able to find what you were working on, or some stray idea that you may have recording, is extremely important. This is a great book to ensure that you keep everything in a single place where it is easy to find what you are looking for.

Internal Storage Pocket

Business Cards, notes, stray papers, and many more loose papers can be difficult to keep track of. They either get lost in piles of junk, fall out, or get smashed at the bottom of a bag. The Moleskine notebook has an internal pocket that is perfect for placing and storing loose papers and cards. It is a handy way to keep track of things until they can be used or the information can be transferred to a better place.

Record Your Ideas, Bring Them to Life!

With a durable cover and binding, pages designed to your needs, and convenient internal storage, a Moleskine notebook is perfect for you to keep track of your ideas while you work towards bringing them to life.

Written by : Austin Colton

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