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How to Outline As You Go

Outlining as you go is a writing strategy introduced to me by Dean Westly Smith in the book Writing into the Dark as a way to keep track of vital pieces of your story to use as reference. This approach is different from outlining a novel before you start writing. The basic principle of outlining…
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Why Film Adaptations of Books Usually Suck

It’s no secret that most books turned into movies suck. To be frank and honest, they more often than not are storytelling abominations that seem a mockery of the original material. Sure, there is a considerable range from the pleasantly mediocre to the downright terrible. What seems the most interesting about this phenomenon is how…
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Arrange Your Day: How to Find the Time To Write

Any number of self help books will tell you that planning out your day, introducing discipline to your life, and getting on a schedule will ultimately help you with time management. Perhaps the single best way this concept has been introduced to me was this: Plan the day you want to have. By creating the…
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Jim Butcher on Writing

New York Times Bestselling Author, Jim Butcher’s Advice on writing. A collection of notes from various lectures and essays given by Jim.

How to Describe a Voice

Ultimately, the right description of a voice can set a scene and make it easier for your reader to imagine voices in their heads. Just a few little changes to the way you describe voices and introduce statements makes a big difference.

Good Character Development Questions

If there is anything that can make or break a story, its characters. Poorly written, uninteresting, unrealistic, or inconsistent characters can turn readers off from your story within a few short pages.